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KANSAS – Police seek suspect in third case of objects thrown from Lind Road bridge

Shawnee police reported that a vehicle on Shawnee Mission Parkway was hit by an object thrown from the Lind Road bridge for the third time this year.

The most recent incident occurred at 2:15 a.m. Friday, when a tractor-trailer rig was westbound on Shawnee Mission Parkway going under the bridge, which is just west of the interchange at Interstate 435. Capt. Ron Copeland said the rig had extensive damage to the hood, and the object thrown, which was not identified, also caved in the windshield.

Two similar incidents occurred in April, both on Fridays at about 9:30 p.m. In the first, on April 11, a car headed eastbound was hit with an object thrown from the bridge, which cracked the windshield. Five fist-sized, white-gray rocks were found on Shawnee Mission Parkway after the incident.

A week later on April 18, another eastbound car was hit with a fist-sized rock just above its passenger-side windshield. This time, a police officer responding to the scene reported seeing a boy wearing a black, hooded coat riding his bike northbound on the Lind Road bridge.

Copeland said it was likely that the suspect in Friday’s incident was the same person as in the April incidents. Anyone with information about the incidents can call the Shawnee Police Department at 631-2155.  From the Shawnee Dispatch

This is very dangerous.  Anyone with any information should call the Shawnee Police at the number above.


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