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XM Canada set to go it alone, CEO says

XM Canada may refuse a merger with Sirius Canada and go it alone in the satellite radio business if negotiations with its rival don’t go well in the wake of industry consolidation in the United States.

In an unexpected move, XM Canada chief executive officer Michael Moskowitz said Monday the company is not averse to striking out on its own if it can’t agree on terms with Sirius, comments that may set the tone for tense negotiations in the coming months.

A forced merger of the two Canadian companies is believed to be the most likely scenario to unfold after regulators in the U.S. cleared the buyout of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. by Sirius Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.

Since both Canadian companies rely on their American affiliates for the bulk of their programming, which includes more than 100 channels of music and talk radio, XM Canada would have to expand its operations greatly in order to operate independently.  More from the Globe and Mail

On our side of the border, I’m wondering what is going to happen to my XM programming once this merge is finalized.  We have been XM subscribers since day one – buying the first of three as the Pilot truck stop was putting up it’s first display.  We have always enjoyed XM’s programming (blocking out those channels we did not).  PC Magazine has an excellent FAQ section to answer your questions about the merger.  I do like the “al a carte” option that is proposed, where you can subscribe to a block of channels. 

The first thing I would do is make sure Oprah and Friends and America Left are dropped.  Oprah annoys me and America Left?  I cannot believe my subscription cost includes such nonsensical, liberal, hate filled propaganda..


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