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Illinois city approves additional 2-cent tax on diesel

Known as an oasis for truckers because of the its three large truck stops along Interstates 57 and 64, Mount Vernon, IL, is poised to impose an additional 2-cent per gallon diesel tax, following a recent City Council meeting. This is bad news for truckers already struggling with record-high fuel prices.

Mount Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley told Land Line on Tuesday, July 29, that no date has been set on when the new tax will go into effect because the ordinance has not been signed yet.

“I hate to be evasive, but it’s unknown territory right now on the signing of that ordinance … as of right now, it has not been signed so formal action has not been taken,” said Chesley.

Jackie Sharp, who is the city clerk in Mount Vernon, said Chesley must sign the ordinance first before she can attest her signature. However, Chesley opposed the way the taxes were voted on by the Council without the people of Mount Vernon having the “opportunity to vote on the taxes” and is reportedly holding off on signing the ordinance.  More from Landline Magazine

Any decrease in fuel costs will, of course, be offset by an increase in fuel tax.  When government needs money for “highway projects”, the first one to get hit is the trucker.


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  1. […] American Truckers At War: Illinois city approves additional 2-cent tax on diesel […]

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  2. The city council meeting will be held Aug. 18th about this tax. It is due to go into effect 09/01/08

    Comment by Ann | August 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. The city of mount vernon IL I live here. The city council and mayor are running a MUCK in my town, they have not only raised fuel taxes but sales taxes on food and phone service, and increased city utilities, trash, water ,sewer, by 130%. I say vote them out at the next city wide election.

    Comment by steven casper | September 25, 2008 | Reply

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