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Dems turn out the lights on Republicans and lower oil prices

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi congress adjourned for five weeks without addressing America’s energy crisis.

Speaker Pelosi refused to allow a vote on increased off shore drilling choosing instead to leave for vacation even though Republicans protested loudly saying that the refusal to allow a vote is harmful to the economy. Pelosi’s response was to turn off the lights and cut the microphones on Republicans.

Republicans continued to talk in the dark and with no microphones and finally the lights and microphones were turned back on for a time and then turned off again.  More from

So this is the energy plan of Comrade Pelosi and the no-drill Democrats.  Go on a five week vacation without a vote on perhaps the most serious issue facing our country today.  We must call, fax and email those Republicans who have chosen to stay in Washington to make this very important statement.  It is obvious who is looking out for the best interests of our nation and it is NOT Pelosi and Company.


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  1. Comrade Nancy must be having tons of fun using her Fascist powers to prevent the media (free press?) from covering the Republicans who are just trying to do what the American people want them to…get our gas prices lower. Shame on Nancy and the Democrats!

    Comment by Cory | August 2, 2008 | Reply

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