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Exclusive: Indoctrination in Public Schools Leads to Rise in Home Schooling

It’s that time of year again as parents scramble to pick up the necessary supplies to send with their children as they are bussed off to the public school (I call them government indoctrination centers) across town. Unlike years ago, when our parents sent us to school with a notebook for each class, a couple of pencils and our lunch money, today’s child will lug clear or mesh backpacks filled with such necessities as liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, boxes of baby wipes and, in the case of Hermitage Elementary School in Hermitage, Arkansas, their first graders will supply two rolls of paper towels and a 50 count pack of clear sheet protectors each. 
The lists this year at our local schools here in Arkansas for each student include a wide variety of products necessary for your child to complete his or her school work. I have not quite understood the need for a kindergarten boy to provide a box of gallon Ziploc bags or a kindergarten girl to provide a box of pint sized Ziploc bags (brand names only, please) or a second grade boy to provide a package of construction paper while second grade girls provide a pack of white computer paper. Then again, in my “old fashioned” view of preparing for school, I cannot fathom why each first grade child must provide a package of red ink pens. Perhaps we parents are supplying the school system with supplies for all – communal property to be used by those who supply and those who do not (aka Communism/Marxism)? Eastside Elementary School in Warren, Arkansas, has the issue under control. For a fee of $17, their third graders will be provided with a “packet of supplies” from the school store, obviously to ensure each child’s supplies are identical. We cannot have one child with a blue pencil while another child has a boring, cheaper yellow one, now can we? The directive has been given, right down to what color notebook your child can own.  More from

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  1. Dear Renee,

    I agree with the thesis of your essay; however, you have one historical error. Capt. John Smith did not correct the Pilgrim’s failed communal economic system! First of all, the Virginia colony was founded more than a decade prior to New England. Secondly, the Common Storehouse rule in the Plymouth was imposed upon the Pilgrims by the “adventurers” who financed the colony. The policy was abandoned by petition of the Pilgrims. For more historical details, see PURITAN ECONOMICS EXPERIMENTS by Dr. Gary North. You can find it free online:

    Comment by Wanda Wilkening | August 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the essay and thank you for the link to Puritan Economic Experiments.

    Our government education system has failed our children and failed our nation. It is going to take parents banding together to change things – the NEA has entirely too much control over the schools, the teachers have too much control over your children.

    Comment by rtaylor83305 | August 1, 2008 | Reply

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