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KBR Bans Cell Phones in Entire Middle East and Central Asia

04 AUG 2008: A clarification was issued by KBR management late yesterday afternoon regarding the ban on personal cell phone use
by its OCONUS deployed employees. The clarification states “… the direction from [redacted] to all [KBR] employees in the Middle East and Central Asia is that you not use your personal cell phone. You can remove the battery and store it.
03 AUG 2008: Yesterday CNN reported that the Houston-based U.S. defense contractor KBR Inc. (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root) banned its employees in Iraq from using their private cell phones. In its report CNN appears to make the assumption that the cell phone ban was the result of a “security breach” involving one of KBR’s employees. That kind of a security breach is more commonly known as a breach of Operational Security (OPSEC) guidelines.
However, CNN’s assumption is completely erroneous. While the ban is a uniquely KBR initiative, the cause of the ban has been known by the Northeast Intelligence Network since early Saturday morning and efforts to corroborate the KBR rationale have been successful. KBR banned cell phones in Iraq specifically due to a perceived significant threat to its personnel and facilities based on Forward Operations Bases (FOBs). A KBR communication stated the following in the directive to all employees:
“Earlier today I sent out a message prohibiting the use of cell phones. At that time I was not able to share with you the reason. I can now. Cell phone technology has come a long way in recent years. The ability to track a cell phone using GPS and triangulation provides a capability to locate a cell phone within meters of a point. This morning IDF [Indirect Fire] rounds hit one of the sites where we live and work. There was a fatality. A review of the scene later revealed that a cell phone was used immediately prior to and after the attack – an outgoing call and two incoming calls. The phone was found within meters of the impact area.”
Clearly the KBR management believes that insurgents have attained a capability to target American personnel, military or civilian contractors, in Iraq via GPS and or other triangulation methods.  More from HomelandSecurity.US
My only question is this – what took them so long?

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