Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Something Ain’t Kosher in Postville

By Rick Biesada, American Patriot

Last week, demonstrations took place in Postville Iowa against ICE, ( Immigration Customs Enforcement ) because ICE finally did what the American tax payers have been paying them to do — enforce the law against criminal employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens in violation of federal law.

Described as harsh, and punitive immigration raids, by the open border panderers, ICE raided Agri Processors, the nations largest scab labor, kosher meat packing plant, who hires only those who will work for the price below a living wage.

Over twenty years ago, back in 1986, Congress viewed illegal immigration as an out of control economic problem. Their remedy to their abrogation of responsibility, was to grant amnesty to nearly three million illegal aliens under President Reagan and the Simpson – Mazzoli Act; which they all swore would solve all of our immigration problems for ever more… Amen. More from the Federal Observer


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