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ATAW EXCLUSIVE: Election 08 – The Truth is Out There


Mark R. Taylor


(ATAW/AR)  During this election cycle, I have received a multitude of email forwards regarding each candidate – most have proven misleading at best or outright lies at worst.  Websites are popping up daily, partisan in nature, whose ultimate goal is to steer one towards or against a particular candidate.  There are bloggers and writers who believe there is no clear choice – no one candidate who meets their guidelines and beliefs of who will best lead this country.  With so much information and misinformation it is nearly impossible to dissect and absorb the facts and figures and rationalize why you are voting for a particular candidate.


However, Family Security Matters, though extensive research, has compiled a guide for the average American to have this information at their fingertips – written in plain English, to aid in the decision making process.  The non-partisan National Security Presidential Voter Guide is broken up into chapters and subchapters that address the issues critical to an informed vote.  From national security and domestic spending to Islamic terrorism and the very real threat that remains, now more than at any time in our nation’s history must we decide which candidate will lead our nation and maintain our strength and prosperity. 


The National Security Presidential Voter Guide breaks each candidate down by voting record and public statements on these issues.  Of utmost importance, the guide addresses Islamic terrorism and the strong threat that faces our country today.  Ours is a nation still at war, a war which I volunteered to serve in Iraq as an American civilian truck driver in January 2004 through May 2005.  It is a war that continues on today, a war I do not wish my young son to inherit. 


From multiculturalism and the open borders, the Family Security Matters National Security Presidential Voter Guide clearly states, using each candidate’s own records, how John Sidney McCain III and Barack Hussein Obama will either strengthen this great nation or destroy it.


You cannot afford to go to the voting booth in November without reading this vital resource.  Download it here at fsm-national-security-voters-guide1 or visit  Print it to share with your family and friends.  Post the guide on your website or blog.  Challenge your candidate with the facts.  This is not an election where we can afford to vote a particular party – it is an election where we must make the best choice possible with the candidates we have for our nation, our security and our children’s future.  There is no excuse to be ignorant and uninformed – the Truth is Out There with the Family Security Matters National Security Presidential Voter Guide.


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