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Exclusive: The Democrats’ Oil-Drilling Flimflam: Betting the Public Is Too Dumb to Catch On

Joel Himelfarb

The mantra from Barack Obama and congressional Democrat leaders is that they represent “change” – and when it comes to gas prices, they certainly have a point. The cost to heat and air-condition American homes is certainly “changing” in very negative ways for the American consumer, as is the cost of getting to work or taking a trip with the family.

Regular readers of this column know that I have been critical of Republicans’ performance on many issues. But on energy today, the GOP on Capitol Hill has shown that it understands that oil supply must be increased, and lately it has been indefatigable in working to make this a reality. Even John McCain, a longtime advocate of costly, job-destroying legislation on climate change, is supporting offshore drilling and demanding that the Democrat leadership bring Congress back to Washington right away to debate energy. The Democrat Party, by contrast, is controlled by elitists who think they can profit politically by demagoguing against oil companies and commodities traders and making empty threats to induce OPEC to produce more. In reality, their policies would ensure that Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and corrupt government officials and pipeline saboteurs in Nigeria cement their power to send American energy prices sky-high. More from FamilySecurityMatters


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