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Exclusive: America Will Be Restored – One Page at a Time

Renee Taylor
Perhaps it was the unassuming nature of the book that caught my eye. Quietly, yet proudly, the non-descript book sat on the table, facing certain destruction as someone suggested “putting tape on it to hold it together.” It was almost as if I heard a “sigh of relief” at my rescue of it from a stack of books sold for a pittance at a farm auction – an inaudible bond between book and book lover. 
As I peered inside, its fragile pages were discolored by years of neglect and apathy. The words screamed out with pride and patriotism, true accounts of battles fought only a decade earlier and of the painful birth of a new nation – the United States of America. Taking the volume to my office, I carefully turned its pages reading the words of one John McCullough as he wrote in An Introduction to the History of America in 1787 to school children in the newly formed nation. General Washington’s Farwell Orders to the Armies of the United States and a first account of the Constitution of the United States leapt from the page, history coming to life. It was not just the history within the text, but the history of the book itself, having survived nearly as long as our great nation, yet like our nation, was tired and old – a shadow of its former self, searching for someone who loved and respected it and understood the complexities necessary for its survival.  More from

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