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Security Officials On The Lookout For Cloned Emergency Vehicles

Security officials around the cities hosting this year’s political conventions are being told to watch out for fake or cloned emergency vehicles.
A Federal Emergency Management Agency memo ‘bulletin’ says terrorists could use such “cloned” emergency or commercial vehicles to conduct surveillance or carry out an attack.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau says faking such vehicles is inexpensive, perhaps costing as little as $2000.00.
Meanwhile, the Secret Service says it doesn’t have any specific information that cloned vehicles are being used for terrorist or other illicit purposes at the Democratic convention in Denver or the GOP convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.
The bulletin, called an “infogram,” is distributed to emergency management officials across the country.
Officials are advised to know how to verify markings on government and military vehicles. Imaging systems that can see inside trucks as well as radiation detection equipment will be used in both convention cities to prevent anything dangerous from getting near or inside the venues.
Thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement officials will be working to secure the conventions, as will airport screeners, nuclear weapons experts and intelligence analysts. More from National Terror Alert


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