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FSM’s Carol Taber Visits with Capt. Matt Bruce

Tune in today to hear ‘The Captain’ interview Carol Tabor, President of Family Security, a family friendly and very informative website everyone should be looking it… Click here to listen!

You’ll hear a candid and frank discussion about Sen. John McCain’s VP pick, AL Gov. Sarah Palin and what they ‘could do’ for the Democrats,  Republicans and America… 

Carol Taber speaks about the FSM National Security ‘Voter Guide’. She also addresses the need to know more about the Islamic and Muslim interests and how they affect this year’s Presidential Election…

Then you’ll hear how ‘The Captain’ viewed the big ‘Greek Style’ speech given in Denver by Barack Obama. It’s a winner and something you’ve got to hear!

Toss in some USF Bulls Football news, Tampa Bay Bucs and Rays news and of course, the Florida Gators who all won their most recent games…

On this Labor Day Weekend we also remember and pray for those in Hurricane Gustav’s way. This extremely dangerous Hurricane is already being met by FEMA with ‘proaction’ and we’ll all be proud to see how a
‘Former Fire Cheif’ runs the Show this time around as New Orleans seems to be in the path of Hurricane Gustav…

Get in on knowing what other’s don’t! Tune in and become a regular listener to “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show.” Folks if your local Radio Station isn’t already playing our Show, give them a call and tell them to ‘wake up’ and get with the program…

Many thanks to our over 10,000 regular daily listeners on the Internet, the thousands of Troops listening around the World as well as the subscribers to our Podcast. We appreciate your support and look forward to bigger and better things as we move forward…

God Bless all of those who defend, protect and serve America around the World keeping all of us free and safe! We will NEVER forget September 11th, 2001…

 God Bless America!

‘The Captain’



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  1. Carol Taber’s insight about America, Islam and Sarah Palin is a MUST listen! The Lady knows what she’s talking about and it was an honor to be able to interview her…
    ‘The Captain’

    Comment by The Captain | September 1, 2008 | Reply

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