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Election 2008: The Choice

This year’s presidential election is garnering the attention of truck drivers across the country like no other contest in decades. And it’s no wonder.

With America fighting wars on two fronts and economic woes at home — a sinking housing market, depressed freight volumes and soaring fuel prices to name a few — most people are looking to November with both anticipation and apprehension.

And, as ever, it’s the federal government that holds the ultimate regulatory authority over the interstate trucking industry, and thus the choice of the highest executive of the land commands significance with regard to any number of issues. From interstate highway development, funding and construction to the cross-border trucking program to health requirements for commercial driver’s license holders to idling restrictions, the president of the United States exerts tremendous influence on the direction regulators, Congress and the courts take in addressing new and lingering problems. More from


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  1. Some things I don’t understand.

    I thought Republicans, Conservatives stood for fiscal responsibility.
    McCain is supportive of continuing the Iraq war.
    That is at a cost of not billion, but HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.
    67% of Americans opposse this costly war.
    Why would anyone support that?

    I thought Consevatives had strong religious values.
    Yet they support the use of force in Iraq.
    What would Jesus say about that?

    McCain is now trumpeting the “change” chorus.
    But he voted 90% with Bush.
    How does that square with you?
    That’s not change; that’s more of the same (failed) policies.

    Comment by christianliberal | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. OK, give you voting record for McCain, But lets look at your almighty Obama, Letssee he Lied about being involved with ACORN, and his friendship with Ayers. and heres one for you, IF Obama really wanted CHANGE he would’nt have voted for the bailout, which his party created the subprime loans, starting with Carter, the with your Lord Clinton.Giving loans to people who were illegal and with fake Social Security Numbers,with people who could repay the loan and Obama taking bribes from Fannie Mae, O I forgot they called that supprting the cause.
    Obama and his party are blame for the troubled economy as well as some Rep’s including Bush.

    Besides check his “Obama’s” voting record. compare to McCains, I would take McCain over the Radical Commiust anyday.

    Comment by mike | October 10, 2008 | Reply

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