Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Is Sarah someone that you can stand next too and feel safe?

By John Bootie

Wow, when it rains, IT STORMS…. This weekend, Oprah Winfre drew her line in the sand.  She said she won’t have Sarah Palin on for an interview, even though she had Obama on her show and campaigned for him. 

She has made it very clear that she believes that a person’s skin color is more important than her own gender or giving fair time to all view points.  I thought it was only “The View” that had a clear liberal bias.

I think that every person who watches “The Oprah Show” should start protesting both her show and her sponsors.  

Yes, she does have a right to choose her own guests.    We also have the clear right to protest her show if we don’t like what we see or don’t see.  Once you have one candidate on then you should show neutrality and allow equal time to others view points.

After all, don’t Liberals want fairness in broadcasting? 

Isn’t it the Liberals who want to bring back the one sided “Fairness Doctrine”. They only want fairness when it suits them.  In no means do they want equal time for everyone. 

Oprah has clearly shown this.  For a show that has approximately 80% or more women viewers, you would thing she would show the world how far women candidates have come. 

Not just once, but twice, she has snubbed women candidates.  First she refused Senator Clinton access during the primaries. Now she has said NO to Sarah. 

A caller to one of the radio talk shows today made a very good observation.  Americans clearly personalize things.  He pointed out that we call people we like by their first names – Rush, Sarah.  We call people we don’t have a clear kindness for by other names.  People call them Bush, Chaney or Obama.  Interesting, isn’t it.

I believe an opposing station should have Sarah on in the same time slot and see who has the better ratings for that day.

Not that very long ago, Obama called most Americans. “Bible toting, gun hugging, angry Americans”.  We now need to give a big round of applause to our newest member, Sarah Palin.  She is a life member of the NRA, she can clearly hunt, fish, and shoot better than most Americans.

She is a Bible believeing, GOD fearing,  practicing CHRISTian.  She puts her life, family, and citizens of this great nation, in GOD’s amazing hands.

I can say as the tide seems to be truly turning in favor of McCain/Palin.  May the one and only true GOD.   Bless AMERICA and the whole world.  It is my hope that he will give the voters “that turn out to vote”, the wisdom to vote for the candidates who support the values that voter holds dear.

John Bootie


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  1. Why does religion have anything to do with voting? Do you really want a president to rely on religion to make decisions? Secondly Obama did not call most americans “Bible toting ect.” Please stop spreading falsehoods. How is that being a Christian to spread lies?

    Thirdly how does Christ respond to war? Didn’t Christ say “if an enemy strikes you in one cheek, turn to him the other.” How is Jesus pro war? I’m sorry but you can’t have respect for life one way and kill it in the next breath.

    Comment by endithinks | September 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. The actual quote was:

    “bitter” small-town Americans “cling to guns or religion”
    While John paraphrased what Obama said, he was accurate.

    Comment by rtaylor83305 | September 8, 2008 | Reply

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