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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Sept. 11th, ‘We Will Never Forget’

Episode: The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Sept. 11th, ‘We Will NEVER Forget’…


Today – September 11, 2008 – marks the 7-year anniversary of the most horrific attack by terrorists against the United States. Please take a moment to stop and think about where you were when you first heard of
these awful attacks taking place against our nation, and the thousands of lives lost on that fateful day…

We made a declaration as a nation: “never again.” We swore we would not forget, and that we would not allow apathy to set in. Yet as I send this Special 9/11 Show to you, it seems that so many Americans
have forgotten what took place that day, and the on-going war that is being waged by radical Islamists against the West…

We had a mentality on Sept. 1oth, 2001 that changed by Sept. 12th, 2001. ‘Some’ of us have forgotten how we felt on Sept. 12th, 2001 and we need to remember why it is we are engaged in a Global War on Terror
and who it is we are engaging as well as the reason ‘why’…

What you will hear will ‘shock you’ as you listen to the voices of the EMS, Firefighters and Police who were struggling that day with the size of the disaster as 2 planes had struck the World Trade Center buildings…

You will be listening to actual Dispatch tapes between FDNY, NYPD and EMS Units responding from all across New York City as well as at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center…

We do this in tribute to those who responded to save the lives of more than 25,000 people but yet gave their own lives while doing their jobs…

Firefighters, Police and EMS share a special bond when it comes to disaster reponse. Today when you see a Firefighter, Police Officer or an EMS Ambulance crew, take the time to tell them “thank you” for the job they do…

I also encourage every listener to go to: and remember ‘who and what’ it is we are
dealing with in the Global War on Terror…

God Bless America, we will NEVER forget what happened on Sept. 11th, 2001. It has changed America ‘forever’…

‘The Captain’

First Responder To The World Trade Center
9/11/2001 – 9/17/2001
Injured While At The World Trade Center
Ret. Fire-Rescue Captain, Safety & Training Officer
*Remember The 343*



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