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The Terrorism Threat is Real: An Interview with Terrorism Expert Brigitte Gabriel

From our friends at CentrePoint News – their interview with Bridgett Gabriel:

Brigitte Gabriel was born in Lebanon and later became a U. S. citizen.  She is a journalist who was formerly an anchor for World News, an Arabic news program.

She has lectured on the issues of radical Islam, jihad and terrorism to the United States Congress, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U. S. Special Operations Command.

She now heads ACT! for America, a group dedicated to informing Americans about the issues surrounding terrorism and what Americans can do to oppose the growing Islamic influence in the U. S.

Editor:  The United States embassy in Yemen was attacked on Wednesday.  Who was responsible and why?

Ms. Gabriel:  At this point, the exact identity of the group isn’t know, but we do know that it was a group of jihadists.  

At present, Al-Qaeda and Hamas have found a safe haven in Yemen.  Many radical groups are now in Yemen because the government has given them protection.

This attack should be a wake-up call to Americans that the threat of Islamic terrorism hasn’t gone away.  We’re not out of the woods yet.

Editor:  Is there a problem with American’s being naive about terrorism and radical Islam?

Ms. Gabriel:  I don’t think Americans are naive, I think we have a very short attention span.  We’re attracted to the now.  We want fast food, fast everything and things that call for our immediate attention.

Brigitte Gabriel Author, Speaker & Expert On The Middle East Conflict

Author, Middle East Scholar and Anti-Terrorism Consultant Brigitte Gabriel

We have to remember that the first attack on the World Trade Centre was in 1993 when we had a Democratic president.  The jihadists in Al-Qaeda waited eight years before they tried it again.

The terrorists are really counting on our ignorance and political problems.  

We also have to realise that the war in Iraq will not solve our terrorist problem.  We were attacked in 1993 and in 2000 before the operation in Iraq.  

Editor:  Britain is having a problem resisting the imposition of Sharia Law.  The Archbishop of Canterbury was saying this week that it looks like it’s inevitable.  Why is this happening?

Ms. Gabriel:  This is happening in Britain now because the British didn’t resist it when the issue first surfaced many years ago.  Britain has had a large influx of Muslims from Africa for a long time.

The Muslims moved to Britain and refused to assimilate.  Then they started the push for Sharia Law.  

It’s a cultural issue.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been operating in Britain and pushing Islamic culture in England.  If the British don’t stop the takeover, the British will live to regret it.  More from CentrePoint News


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