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North Texas a hot spot in nationwide cargo thefts

While Wall Street is tanking, another market is booming. Authorities say nationwide losses from cargo thefts, largely truck heists, have reached at least $15 billion annually.

And North Texas is one of the hot spots.

“People don’t realize how big it is,” said J.J. Coughlin, a former Dallas police officer who chairs the Southwest Transportation Security Council. “It’s kind of a silent crime. It’s not romantic and exciting. Bonnie and Clyde don’t do it, but crooks have figured out if they can steal one tractor trailer with the right load, it’s worth millions.”

Silent, perhaps, but daring and sometimes sophisticated.   More from the Dallas Morning News

We all know the drill – be VERY aware of your surroundings, never disclose your destination and/or your cargo.  Don’t park in poorly lit areas.  Take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your cargo. 

The article gives an example of the light sentencing these gangs are getting for cargo theft:

In May 2007, Carlos Alarosa, a Cuba native, stole nearly 2,800 Tom Tom global positioning units and an 18-wheeler worth $842,000 in Dallas, authorities said. Police quickly caught him in Mesquite with the stolen load.

Five months later, he received five years of deferred adjudication, meaning the offense won’t count on his criminal history if he successfully completes probation.

“Trust No One”


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