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Who won the debate?

Did anyone else watch the debate?  Put up your comments (keep it pithy and clean) – we want to know what YOU think!  Many of us on the road listened on XM Satellite Radio (audio only gives an interesting perspective) and those at home watched on tv.  Voice your opinion!


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  1. I can do clean, but I’m afraid pithy is out of my league.

    I seriously, even with my natural bias, believe that McCain’s answers were far more thoughtful and showed so much more depth of understanding. My initial reaction as the debate was unfolding was that it was pretty much a draw (nevermind that I didn’t agree with anything Obama said), but as McCain continued to expand on every foreign policy thought put forth by Obama, the differences really became clear, I hoped, for those watching.

    Of course, the MSM is infatuated with Obama. Last night they thought it was a draw, but by this morning they had worked it out how Obama won.

    It’s a very frustrating political climate. At least I admit to my biases.

    Comment by Paul Zannucci | September 27, 2008 | Reply

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