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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Oct. 2nd


Tune in today as ‘The Captain’ talks about the Senate $700 Billion ‘Bailout’ Plan which is loaded up with ‘Pork’ and approved by the Democratic leadership due to be passed and sent back to the House…

It’s apparent the arrogance of Harry Reid hasn’t yet gotten the message being sent to him by the American people. Simply put, the American people do NOT want to pay for this Bill and if includes any Foreign Banks being eligible for our taxdollars, they do NOT want that  either!

You’ll then hear an interview with Camp Patriot Executive Director and Founder Mich Clarke who will tell us how Camp Patriot works with Disabled Vets and gives them ‘hope’ for a better life…

You’ll then hear an extremely emotional phonecall received by Talk Shot Host Neil Boortz from a U.S. Army Ranger who “justs wants to finish his job in Iraq.” This one will tear at the heart of ANY patriotic God loving American…

Add some MLB Tampa Bay Rays Playoff news, a touch of the Bucs game Sunday in Denver and the USF Bulls taking on the Pittsburgh Panthers at Raymond James Stadium

Get in on knowing what others don’t by listening to “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show”…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’


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  1. I told my Senator to take a hike about an hour ago, I got an email from them, the campaign manager wanted to talk to me… It’s ALL in the comments of this thread:

    Comment by TexasFred | October 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Good for you, TexasFred… I called our senators and Rep Ross this morning. All three hung up on me when I called them “Comrade” for their support of the bailout bill…

    Comment by rtaylor83305 | October 2, 2008 | Reply

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