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Captain Matt on Troop Talk Radio

Hello All!

I’d like to introduce you to “Troop Talk Radio – The Home Of Heroes” heard exclusively LIVE Sunday mornings from 10 to 11 AM ET on Net Talk World -Global Talk Radio…

Each week you’ll hear interviews about and for our brave Military men and women serving in the Global War on Terror keeping all of FREE and SAFE…

Just click here to hear the latest episode:

“Troop Talk Radio – The Home of Heroes”…

Thanks and God Bless America!


Matt Bruce

“Troop Talk Radio – The Homes Of Heroes”…


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  1. Everyone is talking about the bail out when no one is talking about the largest number of the unemployed home-less, and uninsured today are Guard and Reserves disabled veterans who are trying to live off of V A disability, which is less than what most were making from past jobs before they were hurt.While active duty personnel are able to collect their retirement after release, the guard and Reserves personnel have to wait until age 60 to get their retirement pay. This is sad considering that they are at lease 60-70% of the deployment force.

    Comment by Gregory L. Wilson | November 7, 2008 | Reply

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