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Secret dangers about Obama

SIOUX CITY — Barack Obama’s secret dangers include:

1. His infatuation with the U.N. He believes the U.N. is the solution to all the world’s problems and our sovereignty must be subjected to their control, then the world would become a heaven.

2. His desire to reduce our military strength and destroy all our nuclear weapons. Though our enemies amass nuclear weapons, he wants to diminish our strength.

3. His defense of the Treaty of the Seas. The treaty would grant the U.N. absolute control of 70 percent of the earth’s surface located under the oceans. They would control and regulate all activity on, in and below the water’s surface and would own all the oil and mineral rights therein.

4. His advocacy of the Global Poverty Act whereby he would force a huge tax upon prosperous nations to subsidize the poorer nations often suppressed by ruthless dictators. Price tag: an extra $2,000 from every individual in the USA.

5. His Socialist belief is that the government has the right and obligation to steal from the wealthy through exorbitant taxation to provide giveaways for pet social programs.

6. His “common sense” anti-gun policy — which lacks common sense. In spite of his Second Amendment rhetoric, his voting record shows he doesn’t believe we should have a readily available gun for self-defense. — William Tucker   From the Sioux City Journal


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