Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill


J. D. Pendry

I know who I am voting for. Do you?

I hope not to offend anyone. Well, maybe I do. Sometimes you need to hit someone in the forehead with a piece of dimension lumber before you get their attention. I never did appreciate it when people appeared in front of the cameras a few days after they called America’s Warriors Nazis and said, gee, if anyone was offended by what I said I apologize. If you said it during a hissy fit of anger, you meant it. You believed it. You should have spine enough to stand up for it. Words matter. What comes out of a politician’s mouth is not always the best reflection of who he is except for those angry tongue slips or the times when he believed no one was listening. It is those times and those words that opens the window to their character and bares their souls.

As we near America’s day of reckoning (A.K.A. Election Day), which is only a few days away, I am asked to believe that there are great numbers you out there who do not know who you will vote for. The great undecided mass, I am told and asked to accept, will choose the leader of the free world based on debate performances or whatever is offered up to them in the political ads during the latter days of the current edition of our perpetual political campaigns. If this is true, and I have never accepted that it is, then I have to tell you that the great undecided mass is too stupid to vote. Sorry, that is just the way I see it. At this stage, if you have not studied each candidate for yourself and you are relying on political ads, media spin doctors and debates to help you choose, you are stupid. You are also dangerous. It is you who stands to bring down the world’s last best hope by putting the wrong person in charge of it. You cannot blame it on the politician you choose because it will be you that made the choice.  More at


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