Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Angry? Who, me?

JD Pendry

Mob mentality? Racist? This I hear from the people who have never had a decent or kind word to say about any African-American who holds conservative views. From this foul-mouthed morally deficient garbage who viciously slanders a pregnant seventeen-year-old girl and her mother, I am now called racist for questioning the character of their chosen one. These people wonder aloud why a mother would not abort a Down syndrome baby. I love these selfless and thoughtful attitudes. This collection of reprobates believes that race and gender counts only if the woman is like Madonna or the man some foul-mouthed Ludacris like thug rapper.

I do not like to share much of my private life, but just for the record, I have been one-half of an interracial marriage for going on 36 years. The two men I count as most influential in my 28 years in the Army were a Puerto Rican First Sergeant named Pedro Olivari and a Black Sergeant Major named Jim White. One thing I have learned about the left leaners is they like to project their personalities onto others. The most bigoted are the first to call others bigots. You possess no morals, no ethics and to use your favorite expression, no tolerance for someone whose beliefs differ from yours. So spare me.  More here


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  1. great post!

    Comment by pacer521 | October 14, 2008 | Reply

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