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Another Weatherman terrorist a player in Obama campaign

Communists, socialists, anarchists also part of political organization
JERUSALEM – One of the main founders of the Weathermen terrorist organization is a signatory to an independent organization acting to ensure the election of Sen. Barack Obama, WND has learned.

The group in question, Progressives for Obama, also includes among its ranks many former members of the 1960s radical organization Students for a Democrat Society, from which the Weathermen splintered, as well as current and former members of other radical organizations, such as the Communist Party USA and the Black Radical Congress.

In its creed, first published in March in the Nation magazine, the Progressives for Obama founders state their organization descended from the “proud tradition of independent social movements that have made America a more just and democratic country.”  More from WorldNetDaily

Another terrorist friend of Barack Hussein Obama.  Remember – you are known by the company you keep.


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  1. Sigh…Weatherman has been defunct for over 30 years, and none of its former members are terrorists or any thing close to it.

    I supposed we could join you in your time warp go back and show where any number of you stood back then on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, what you thought of ML King then, or, like McCain, whether you supported making King’s birthday a holiday, or, better yet, where your grandfathers stood on anti-lynching laws.

    But what really would be the point?

    But time marches on.

    Comment by Carl Davidson | October 17, 2008 | Reply

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