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Islamic group calls on NMGOP to repudiate remarks made by Marcia Stirman

ALBUQUERQUE The chairwoman of an Otero County Republican women’s group on Tuesday defended a letter to the editor in which she wrote, ”I believe Muslims are our enemies.”

Marcia Stirman, a 56-year-old interior decorator, also called Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama ”a Muslim socialist.”

A national Islamic group expressed outrage over Stirman’s letter and called on state and national Republican Party officials to repudiate the publication of ”anti-Muslim comments.”  Full article here

I must agree with Stirman when she says, ”I still have freedom of speech and an opinion. If the Islamic group doesn’t like it, well, I don’t like what’s going on in their camp, either.”


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  1. She is right. I demand that Islamic groups in general go home (did they leave yet?).
    Muslims are our enemies and Hussein Obama is a socialist. And in this country Marcia can say whatever the hell she wants. I spent 25 years in the Navy defending her right to piss anyone off that she so desires.
    If your a Muslim and you don’t like this…I don’t care. Go home. Your home countries don’t offer the same freedoms you enjoy here and we provide that to you. We…as in “those of us who are not Muslim”.
    Do we have to draw these people a cartoon?!? No…that do bring a death sentence!


    Comment by Brett | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Brett. You served in the Navy? Did you ever visit Arlington National Cemetery? When I was in the Marines I was there twice. Twice I buried friends who didn’t even make 25 years old, let alone 25 years in. Ever look around that cemetery? Every look at the religious symbols carved on many of them? Ever notice how many Muslims are buried there who also never made it to 25yrs old? What about the Jews? What about the Atheists?
    Brett, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Comment by Matt | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. well ms marcia. mr brett…
    i.m american muslim…and this my home, this my country, this is my land that i share with my follow americans from all races and faiths that some of them like you think of only mine menthalithy….but is okay.i.m hoping that you change your opinion not for my own good, but most for yours, because at the end, we still have to share lot of things even we may agree about some.
    and god bless a america.

    Comment by hicham | October 28, 2008 | Reply

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