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Jersey City Man Pleads Guilty to String of Merchandise Shipment Thefts

CAMDEN – A Jersey City man pleaded guilty today for his scheme to steal interstate cargo shipments containing approximately $1.7 million worth of merchandise from retailers that included Mervyns, Public Clothing Company, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshals, and Ross Stores, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced.

Edward P. Cijntje, 45, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Renée M. Bumb to a one-count Information charging conspiracy to steal interstate cargo shipments. Judge Bumb continued Cijntje’s release on a $50,000 bond pending sentencing, which is scheduled for Feb. 2.

At his plea hearing, Cijntje admitted that he spent more than three years employing his scheme to steal roughly $1.7 million worth of merchandise. Cijntje admitted that he and his co-defendant, Jose Nunez, 54, of Union City, devised a plan where they would pose as legitimate trucking companies arriving to pick up retail clothing shipments at warehouses in New Jersey. After the merchandise was stolen, the defendants sold the stole good to local businesses, admitted Cijntje.

According to Cijntje, Nunez supplied him with information about shipments that were scheduled to be picked up by trucking companies and delivered to retailers. To commit the theft, the defendants would place plastic lettering on the sides of a box truck to make the truck appear as if it were owned by a legitimate trucking company, and they would replace the license plates on the box truck to conceal its identity, Cijntje admitted. Cijntje would then drive the purported delivery truck to the warehouse, present fake identification, and take the merchandise, he admitted. According to Cijntje, he, Nunez, and other coconspirators did this repeatedly.  More from the FBI


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