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Peggy Joseph thinks Obama will put gas in her car..

Yes, brothers and sisters!  Barack Obama will buy your gas and pay your mortgage…..  NOT!  Peggy Joseph is in for a BIG surprise…..


November 1, 2008 - Posted by | economy, Moonbats, Politics | , , , ,


  1. That is sad that anyone can be that stooopid. Even if it were true. I would not trust anyone to pay anything for me. Nobody does something for nothing. Especially polititicians. If they do something for you, they’re gonna want something.

    Comment by michiganredneck | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Here’s the REALLY sad part, once these people figure out that Obama has lied to them too, there’s gonna be a lot of really pissed off folks in America…

    Comment by TexasFred | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. It’s a pity we can’t demand people have a certain IQ before they vote. If we could do this, Barack would not have been elected. Promise fools anything and they’ll believe it! How sad that this country’s future was determined by idiots like this woman. Oh, and by the way, Barack Hussein Obama, you will NEVER be my president and I will absolutely NEVER refer to your wife as the first lady. Not because you’re black and not even because you’re a democrat but because you refused to honor the flag, you said the only reason people are religious is because they are bitter, you hang out with a so called minister who says “God D**** America” and your wife says she was never proud to be an American until you were nominated. My husband was not nominated. Guess I shouldn’t be proud to be an American. What a pair of fools you are!

    Comment by Maryann Anderson | November 12, 2008 | Reply

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