Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Has America Forgotten?

by David Beamer

9/11 Family Member

We now have the distance of time since that horrific day in September. What are people thinking across the nation? Many Americans doubt a catastrophic attack could happen again. Others believe that a more “sensitive” foreign policy will cause terrorists to retire. Some even believe the US government orchestrated 9/11.

It is one thing to forget the meaning of the past but it is worse when this attitude blinds us to the dangers of the future. What is the reality? It could be called World War III. This enemy differs from those of prior wars. They have no state. They do not wear uniforms. They place no value on human life. The enemy is Radical Islam. And Radical Islamists are on a unified mission is to force the Western world to live according to Sharia, strict Islamic law. They will give you three choices: conversion, submission, or death.

This is the one way this war is similiar to others — our enemy wants to replace our way of life with their own. This jihad is not just about changing our foreign policy. Make no mistake about it. Radical Islamists do not believe in civil liberties, religious freedom, or other basic human rights. In the eyes of this enemy, a society with a rule of law based upon Western values must either be converted or eliminated.  More from


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