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We Just Don’t Seem to Remember…

Associate Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University

It was just under 19 years ago that the Berlin Wall came down and the last official vestiges of Soviet-led communism seemed to disappear. Even Maoist China began to open its doors and markets to trade, signaling the final defeat of this blight on the world’s history. The world, and Americans, thought that victory was in reach. But something happened on the way to the final victory—we forgot. We have forgotten that government is not the best arbitrator of the complex negotiations necessary to allow fair exchanges between individuals.

We have forgotten the discipline of putting community and the nation ahead of ourselves and our rights in order to show down evil. We have forgotten that government redistribution creates perverse incentives that undermine opportunity and freedom and eventually the very framework of social order. We have forgotten that rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, come at a price and a sacrifice.

Most critically, we have forgotten that Karl Marx’s words “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” became the rallying cry to a regime and government that killed tens of millions of its own citizens and imprisoned many more—a government that bankrupted its people in order to spread, through military force, its corruption and influence around the globe.  More from Fox and Hounds Daily 


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  1. We have forgotten seems to be the theme here. Yes America, you really have forgotten, forgotten everything you fought against both home and abroad, all the evils you fought are something to be found in an old dusty book on some forgotten shelf in the far back corner of the library.

    I was behind the Iron Curtain before it fell. I traveled the entire length of Russia from east to west. I remember what it and the people looked like. I remember my father, an avid amateur photographer, accused of being a spy.

    The song by Darryl Worley asks, “Have you forgetten?” Yes America, you have, and Senator McCarthy is rolling in his grave.

    Comment by WadeHM | November 6, 2008 | Reply

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