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President-Elect Obama’s Thuggery Has Nothing to Do with His Race

RUSH: Pop quiz time.  Pick the month, pick the day, pick the year when the teachers union pronounces that all classrooms must hang a portrait of President Obama.  No answer.  I don’t know what the answer is; only time will tell.  Okay, Snerdley is making his guess: January 20th, 2009.  Pick the month or the day — well, the month, day, and year when the teachers union pronounces all classrooms must hang a portrait of President Obama, The One. I think the last time this happened was FDR, when you had to do it.  

Now, Snerdley told me an interesting story here at the top-of-the-hour break.  He got a call from a very close friend of his last night, who was very, very alarmed at what he had heard on this program yesterday.  And what he had heard on CNN last night.  He was very, very concerned. One of Snerdley’s best buds, who loves Snerdley, wants Snerdley to continue to have a place to work (laughing) is worried that they’re going to come after me at the Obama campaign.  Now, stop and think of that when you hear the rest of this.  He’s worried the Obama campaign’s going to come after me because I happened to say that Rahm Emanuel and Obama are “Chicago thugs.”  Snerdley’s buddy called him up and said, “Now, you understand, you’ve gotta tell Rush that the word ‘thug’ has racial connotations.”

Snerdley, according to his version of the story, came flying out of his couch, phone-in-hand-at-ear and said, “Is every criticism racial these days?  I’m getting sick and tired of all this political correctness and these speech codes and people trying to intimidate other people into shutting up.  Every word is racially connoted.  ‘Thug,’ when did it become racial?  And when did Rahm Emanuel become black?”  I called him a Chicago thug, too.  I thought the word “thug” actually could be traced back to union thugs.  You know, I have been talking about union thugs for the longest time I’ve been hosting this program.  All of a sudden now “thug” has racial connotations?  So here’s a guy worried that Snerdley is going to lose his job because there isn’t going to be a job because Obama’s going to come after me, and that that’s not thuggish.  More from Rush Limbaugh


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