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Fear of Obama Spurs Record Weapons Sales

For information on firearms purchasing, safety and classes, please go to the websites of the NRA and Gun Talk’s Tom Grisham.  It is our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,

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Should Christians Honor Barack Obama?

Doug Giles

Christians, who take the scriptures seriously, are about as happy about an Obama presidency as a pig is a bacon sandwich. Stoked we ain’t. And it isn’t because Barack is black. Personally, I think it is great that our nation has a black president, and I say this officially ends all the “oppressive white devil” blather. Yep, no mas “blanco el Diablo,” por favor. We have now “evolved.”

This means Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can formally zip it. I think that’s why Jackson was crying last Tuesday night … he done. A black man is now the most important person on the planet, and it’s not Jesse! Plus, Jackson’s on tape saying he wanted to cut Obama’s balls off, and now Barack’s going to spread Jesse’s wealth. That’ll make a grown man cry. So close, Jackson, yet so far away.  More from

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I Have Left the Country


J. D. Pendry

I left the country. Do you like that tired old political cliché? I did not leave the party, the party left me. Well, I am just kidding because I only left the country to visit my Grandbabies that are a short 14 hour plane ride past Atlanta. America is my country. Unlike the Hollywood nitwits who all threaten to abandon America whenever someone other than the most unqualified and liberal candidate in the nation’s history is elected president, I will only abandon America for whatever follows this mortal life. Before, however, it was the Democrats and now it is the Republicans who have left me.  More from

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Obama-bots, mayhem and thuggery

Just hours after the election, mayhem erupted in the streets of Philidelphia as Obama-bots took to the street.  The only visable arrest?  A young man wearing a McCain/Palin shirt, apparently guilty of nothing more than walking down the street… 

This filthy-mouthed black Obama-bot verbally assaults a white McCain/Palin supporter…  Is this the future of America?

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By: Ben Leffler

The United States is standing at the edge of a significant economic downturn which, according to many experts, will get worse long before it improves. Initiated by the subprime mortgage fallout, Wall Street experienced its biggest losses since the Great Depression, culminating the week of October 10th in which the Dow dropped 18.2%. The week closed with an unprecedented Friday where wild swings caused the index to seesaw back and forth over 1000 points before finally settling 128 points under the opening. Branching out beyond the housing sphere, the plunge affected every industry, caused bank shake-ups worldwide and the largest bankruptcy declaration in US history, as industry giant Lehman Brothers Holdings filed for $639B worth of Chapter 11 protection. While the effects will continue to reverberate though all sectors of the economy, trucking companies in particular will feel the strain due to an overall drop in consumer spending and prior issues with rising fuel prices.

Several current factors combine to mean many fewer Americans will be purchasing as liberally as they have been in recent years, decreasing the need for shipping. The largest declines are already being felt in industries that have traditionally accounted for large portions of freight shipments. Automotive manufacturers are seeing huge losses, with GM, Toyota and Ford leading the drop-off. For the first month in 15 years, vehicle sales in the US dropped under 1 million, checking in at 964,873 for September. Furniture, another category that accounts for large portions of freight shipments, has experienced similar decreases in sales as result of the housing bubble burst and registered a 13.4% decline in September. Other sectors that saw sharp decreases included consumer electronics and apparel. MasterCard’s Spending Pulse, which calculates consumer spending, registered the largest decreases since its 2003 inception, finding an overall decline in retail purchases of 7.7% for September 2008 when compared to 2007.

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