Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Should Christians Honor Barack Obama?

Doug Giles

Christians, who take the scriptures seriously, are about as happy about an Obama presidency as a pig is a bacon sandwich. Stoked we ain’t. And it isn’t because Barack is black. Personally, I think it is great that our nation has a black president, and I say this officially ends all the “oppressive white devil” blather. Yep, no mas “blanco el Diablo,” por favor. We have now “evolved.”

This means Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can formally zip it. I think that’s why Jackson was crying last Tuesday night … he done. A black man is now the most important person on the planet, and it’s not Jesse! Plus, Jackson’s on tape saying he wanted to cut Obama’s balls off, and now Barack’s going to spread Jesse’s wealth. That’ll make a grown man cry. So close, Jackson, yet so far away.  More from


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  1. Obama is not only a communist, but a KGB run communist agent, who will only follow what Moscow directs him to do.

    Since Obama’s mentor Davis was active member of CP USA, which was founded by Lenin’s agents [among others Julius Hammer – father of Armand Hammer, friend of Al Gore family for example], it is evident that Obama was not only influenced by his communist mentor, but in fact, based on his pro-communist proposals and deeds he is a communist and KGB agent. People in America are blind to what in reality happened in Eastern Europe, where I am from.

    When I have escaped communism in 1988, prior to that I had to serve my draft {2 years] in Czechoslovak communist Air Force – we had Russian terrorist training camp right at the airport in a remote area, fully guarded and controlled by Russian GRU military intel.

    There was never any collapse of communism in Easter Europe and you people who have blindly signed up on this long-term Soviet deception Perestroika will pay in your blood to these Moscow criminals.

    Their long-term planning reflects to recruit as many influential Americans as possible, prefferably among the elites, including politicians.

    Obama is a sole product of communist upbringing, his father and mother both met at Russian language class at Univ. of Hawaii [!!!], and Obama Sr. was member of the Kenyan government and promoted socialist-communist policies there.

    His tuition was paid by blacklisted American communists as Harry Bellafonte etc., and the whole communist cell worked tirelessly to produce such a communist mole as today our upcoming president is.

    He will change this country very quickly and even force a civil war, which to Moscow is quite part of their plan.

    I have warned about Russian communists for several years now but nobody listens to such warnings.

    As Catholic I know about Our Lady of Fatima warnings about Russia, that Russia has been chosen by God as the tool of chastisement of this wicked godless world, and communism is the tool to do this.

    You will learn soon what the price of signing up with these Kremlin and Beinjing criminals will bring you. They want to run the world and have never given up this strategy at all.

    Not one communist in Eastern Europe and USSR went to jail – I am talking about mass murderers – not one !!!

    Reagan and Bush elder both sold out this country by signing disarmament treaties with these KGB criminals, which they have never kept anyway and violated them many times.

    Russia has 200 huge nuclear bunkers deep underground ready for nuclear WW3. Russians have built and do fully control all Islamic terror groups, including PLO, Hamas, Hazzbollah etc. and states sponsoring terrorism – Iran, Syria, Libya etc.

    Obama is their man and if you think he will not get away with U.S. Constitution then you better think again.

    Arm yourselves fast ! Prepare for hard times because this Obama is Moscow man and he will obey orders.

    In Christ and Mary

    [Mr.] Jan [that’s John for English] Malina

    Comment by Jan Malina | January 15, 2009 | Reply

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