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Truck Halt Could Dent U.S. Oil Supply – PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Pakistan temporarily suspended oil tankers and trucks with sealed containers from using a key passage into Afghanistan, an official said Sunday, a move that will likely impact supplies heading to U.S. and NATO troops.

The suspension came just days after a band of militants hijacked around a dozen trucks whose load included Humvees and other supplies headed to the foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Government official Bakhtiar Khan would not say Sunday whether trucks carrying materials for American and NATO forces were the target of the suspension imposed late Saturday, but he said security concerns had prompted it and that it would be lifted “as soon as possible.”

The hijacking highlighted the vulnerability of a critical supply line for the U.S. and NATO as well as the deteriorating security in Pakistan’s northwest regions bordering Afghanistan. The U.S.-allied Muslim nation faces a rising militant threat just as its tanking economy has forced it to seek $7.6 billion in aid from the International Monetary Fund.  More from CBN News


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