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Interim HOS rule made final by FMCSA

It was almost a year ago that the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued its interim final rule on truckers’ hours of service and this week, that rule became final.

According to the now-final hours of service rule as listed in the Federal Register, effective January 19, 2009, truck drivers may drive up to 11 hours within a 14-hour, non-extendable window from the start of the workday, following at least 10 consecutive hours off duty (11-hour rule). The rule also allows motor carriers and drivers to continue to restart calculations of the weekly on-duty limits after the driver has at least 34 consecutive hours off duty (34-hour restart).

In a statement issued on the final ruling, FMCSA Administrator John Hill said, “These rules are crafted to match what we know about drivers’ circadian rhythms and the real world work environment truckers face every day.” In the statement, the FMCSA also pointed out that in 2006 it proposed a rule that would require drivers and trucking companies with serious or repeat hours-of-service violations to track their hours-of-service using electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs). The final rule for EOBRs is pending.  More from

Yes, it is theoretically final…  I often wonder, though, how many of the people writing these rules and regulations have actually driven a truck…..


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