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The Evolution of Liberalism

J. D. Pendry

I just returned from a two-week trip to Korea. My jets are still lagging, which might explain why I was wide-awake at 0300. If my jet lag runs its typical course, I should be sleeping soundly somewhere mid-sermon.

Korea is an interesting place and an interesting lesson. My history there goes back to 1972 when I was an Army Private in I Corps stationed at Camp Red Cloud in Uijongbu, Korea. Uijongbu is just down the road a piece from communist North Korea and the world’s most heavily fortified and defended border along the 38th latitudinal parallel north, which if your curious about such things also passes through Wild Wonderful West Virginia where I sit this early Sunday morning. Although today’s average public school product probably could not tell you this, the Korean War never ended officially. There exists only a cease-fire. In 1972, dirt streets and roads were common to many areas. Most Koreans had neither a telephone nor a car. Women wading through the flooded paddies mostly planted rice by hand. In the countryside, thatched roofs were common and many rural areas still had no electricity.  More from JD Pendry HERE

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An angry, estranged husband drove from California to New Jersey, where he stormed into a church today, shot his wife to death and wounded two parishioners in the middle of a service, police said.

With nearly 200 members praying in the sanctuary just several yards away, Reshma James, 24, her cousin and a family friend were gunned down in the vestibule of St. Thomas Knanaya Church in Clifton.

James had been embroiled a bitter dispute with her violent husband, Joseph Pallipurath, who she had ditched 3,000 miles behind in California, officials said.  From the NYPost

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Noise violators in Fort Lupton sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow

— Barry Manilow’s “I Write the Songs” may begin with the line, “I’ve been alive forever,'” but for noise ordinance violators, listening to Manilow may feel like forever.

Fort Lupton Municipal Judge Paul Sacco says his novel punishment of forcing noise violators to listen to music they don’t like for one hour has cut down on the number of repeat offenders in this northwestern Colorado prairie town.

About four times a year, those guilty of noise ordinance violations are required to sit in a room and listen to music from the likes of Manilow, Barney the Dinosaur, and The Platters’ crooning “Only You”

“These people should have to listen to music they don’t like,” said Judge Paul Sacco for a segment about the program that aired Friday on Denver’s KUSA-TV.  More from the Rocky Mountain News

I’m going out on a limb here, without consulting with our ATAW Commander, and posting seven minutes of Barry Manilow’s “Could it be Magic” – beautiful music or torture?  I’ll let our readers decide.  It COULD be worse, you know.  They could get six hours of continuous ABBA…

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Stealth Jihad: How Islam is Infiltrating Your Neighborhood

What if Christians demanded the following:

1. If anyone around Christians at work or school eats pork then they would get fired or severely chastised because we believe that scarfing down pig really offends God (and of course his people). Yep, BLTs—according to our take on Christ’s commands—really ticks him off and therefore bacon should be banned. Not only that, but any food that has even trace amounts of Porky the Pig in it must be verboten and banished from our presence everywhere we go because we’re Christians, and Christians don’t dine on swine. This means Jell-O shots at Tu-Tu-Tango’s and Jell-O served to kids at school ceases to be because Jell-O, hello, contains a wee little bit of a wee little pig, and this pisseth the Lord our God off!

2. All public schools must have several regularly scheduled 15 minute breaks throughout the school day for Christians to roll out their TBN prayer rugs and pray for revival. If not, we will raise Cain and Abel.  Read more of Doug Giles’ excellent commentary HERE

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24 – Redemption

I don’t want to be a “plot spoiler” for those who missed tonight’s “24” and are anxiously awaiting the DVD to come out on Tuesday.  However, I will say this – Jack Bauer spent many months in Africa and did not find Obama’s birth certificate….

Don’t miss the DVD

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