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The Global Warming Goons Want Your Little Ones

I bet Jim Jones is tooling around hell right now green with envy over the mind manipulation the global warming greenies are wielding upon our culture.

We’ve got green jobs, green cars, green dogs, green houses, green toilet paper and environmentally friendly green condoms. Everything now must become green or it is gone, mama. I’m sure Kermit the frog, iguanas, the Grinch, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Gumby are seriously ticked off regarding the liberal alarmists’ hysterical hijacking of the color they have previously owned, loved and profited from for so many years.

I’m an oil painter, and as an artist I, naturally, love colors—all kinds of colors—but not anymore. Because of the global warming alarmists, as of right now, I officially hate the color green (nothing personal, green). I’m just sick of hearing about you. You are everywhere. It’s that whole overexposure thing . . . that Kathie Lee Gifford, incessant yacking about Cody and Cassidy mind numbing malaise that just the mention of your name now spawns. More from Doug Giles HERE


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  1. “I officially hate the color green”
    Dude, when you go by the firetruck manufacturing facility E-One in Ocala, FL and see they have a FT painted green and the words Hybrid written down the side of it, you realize that everybody has just gone stupid.
    Who cares if the firetruck is a hybrid or not, the engine doesn’t run long enough in it’s entire lifetime to matter. All that does MATTER is that it is reliable and FAST!

    And about my children – you can no longer afford to send your children to public education. If it isn’t one thing it is another: the gay agenda (not that there is anything wrong with that, Seinfeld), evolution, just plain ethics or the whole school system being taken over by MS13 gangs, even in the country. But the green thang has now entered in as well.

    I think the real misunderstanding by the general public about the whole “green movement” is that when a company you do business with tells you they are going “paperless” or they are going to use a new plastic that is thinner (water bottles for example) and more eco friendly, they are doing this to reduce cost. They don’t want to mail a bill anymore and the bottle maker wants to make that plastic thinner so they don’t use as much and get the same job done. It is economics, not ecology. Nobody seems to see through that bs.

    Comment by WilsonHines | December 2, 2008 | Reply

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