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Obama and Hillary Both Under Constitution Scrutiny


Millions of Americans have now come to the rescue of our United States Constitution and are demanding a United States Supreme Court review of president-elect Obama’s “natural birth” status.  Action of some type is expected to occur at the United States Supreme Court this Friday, December 5, 2008.

Some have attacked our efforts to require Constitutional  birth status accountabilty of Obama as sour grapes, even racist….neither can be farther from the truth.  It’s not about the person, man or woman, it’s about the potential rape of the bedrock document that undergirds everything about America.  Can there be any effort too great to validate and ensure the viability and protection of the United States Constitution?  The answer:  A resounding no...hundreds of thousands of patriot lives and family sacrifices given for this sacred document demand it be held high, outside the reach of hands that would soil such a magnificent work.

In addition to the Obama issue, there now arises an issue with regard to Hillary Clinton’s eligibility to serve as Secretary of State based on US Constitution language.

Whatever the outcome of these two issues, Fox News is now reporting on both.  Our cry in the wilderness has finally surfaced on a major media report…all we’ve ever asked is for “truth” to be exposed…wherever that leads.

To read Bret Baer’s reports, check out Fox News Reports at  and,2933,460724,00.html  which discuss the Obama and Clinton issue.

May God bless America and rebuke any effort to distort, fragment, or ignore the Constitution of the United States…Please God, rescue America.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret


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