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Our Constitution Still Matters


Some have attacked efforts to require Constitutional birth status accountability of Obama as sour grapes, even racist or worse….nothing can be farther from the truth.  It’s not about the person, man or woman, it’s about the potential rape of the bedrock document that undergirds everything about America.  Can there be any effort too great to validate and ensure the viability and protection of the United States Constitution?  The answer:  A resounding no…hundreds of thousands of patriot lives and family sacrifices given for this sacred document demand it be held high, outside the reach of hands that would soil such a magnificent work.

Conflicting rumors as to what the US Supreme Court did yesterday regarding the Obama birth certificate issue……..some say they denied consideration and the issue is dead; others say there is some life with instructions to the lower court to provide the lower court record……….in truth, I don’t know what the status is rght now.

Is the attack on the United States Constitution so sinister that of the 535 Congressmen/women no one has the courage to fall on their sword for our bedrock document?

God help us find a Patrick Henry.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret


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