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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Dec. 8th


Today there’s still more news and another lawsuit surfacing against Barack Obama and his birth certficate coming to the U.S. Supreme Court
as California Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz files her lawsuit. Ms. Taitz represents 2 different lawsuit’s with people who are suing the CA
Secretary of State
over the ‘eligibility’ of Barack Obama to have even been on the ballot running for President. One of those parties is
former Presidential Candidate and Ambassador Alan Keyes

You’ll also hear the latest FOX News, AFPS News, DOD News and we honor another American Military Hero in our “Heroes” segment…

Let’s not forget the Florida Gators are going to the BCS National Championship game against the Oklahoma Sooners. Tonight the Tampa Bay
play the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. If the Bucs win, they go 2 games up in the NFC South on both Atlanta and Charlotte with 3 games
left to play…

We will keep you informed of all the latest news regarding Barack Obama and his birth certificate lawsuits, now starting to hit the U.S.
Supreme Court
looking for answers to the Constitutional questions that have been posed…

Get in on knowing what others won’t unless they tune in to hear our show…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’



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