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ATAW Exclusive: Christmas Thoughts

By Betsy Reed

In the United States we have many wonderful traditions that make our heritage rich. One such tradition is Thanksgiving and another is Christmas.
Growing up I always looked forward to the Christmas Holidays with great joy and anticipation.When I became a mother, I wanted to make Christmas special for my family, I wanted them to know what it was that we were really celebrating, not just getting presents on Christmas morning, therefore our family tradition of celebrating Jesus’ birthday was started.

On Christmas Eve, Paul and I got out the Children’s Bible Story Book, and read the story of Jesus birth. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and celebrated by having some birthday cake. When the children got a little older we progressed on to the actual Bible and read the scriptures of the

Now, according to the politically correct, it is no longer proper to say Merry Christmas.Schools have started calling it ” Winter Holidays.  Our stores and large chains have been taken over so much by either foreigners who have no idea how we can believe in Jesus, or the Leftist and Socialists in our society that want to remove God completely. So, now stores no longer feel free to say Merry Christmas, or they are intimidated away from using the phrase in their advertising. The foreigners have their’s that they worship and have brought in to our country, and the leftist have their substitutes for God called money. Meanwhile our freedom is being eroded and Christians are under attack.

We are supposed to say Happy Holidays. How hollow that sounds. Without the joy of knowing our Savior, His birth, His life, His wonderful existence, there is no “Happy”.

We are a diverse Nation, with many diverse peoples and religions. Each and every one of us can and should be allowed to celebrate our special Holidays. We wouldn’t consider telling anyone that they cannot celebrate Kwanzaa, or Hannukah, or any other day that is deemed important to them. We wouldn’t demand that they even change the name of their specific special day. Why then, does the world at large try to inflict the double standard on the citizens of the United States and make us change a tradition that we have celebrated for decades? In fact many countries around the world celebrate Christmas.

When we celebrate Thanksgiving it is to give thanks. Who do they think we are giving thanks to?  I guess the world thinks we were thanking the Indians, yes, that has to be it. In reality we are celebrating a special day that the Pilgrims who did believe in God, chose to set aside to honor and give Thanks to God for their safe arrival and the bountiful supplies in this new country. 

Our nation was founded in God We Trust. Our Constitution was based on Biblical rules and regulations in order to form a society that could govern itself with God’s guidance.   Now however, those who want to eradicate God out of the United States are even trying to turn Thanksgiving into a secular day, just as they are Christmas. Thankfully there are those of us who do love the Lord our God and will always know that Jesus is the reason for the season, and not be ashamed or afraid to say so or teach our children these facts.

We are the silent majority, but silence can too often be interpreted as approval. We have been silent for too long now. It is time to stand up and be heard.  We still live in a wonderful country full of opportunities because we have been blessed by God with freedom to choose and pursue our pathway in life. If we allow these Leftists/Socialists to have their way and silence the Christian voice, and the voice of God, then we will be free no more. We cannot allow them to rob our children of the freedoms we have always taken for granted. I for one choose to stand up for my rights as one who loves her God, and is proud of it.

I would now like to take the opportunity to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year.

Betsy Reed lives in Texas with her husband, Paul.


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