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ATAW Exclusive: Holiday Delivers with “Teddy Bear”

By Renee E. Taylor


“Teddy Bear”, the latest release by Joey Holiday on the Truck It Records label is a showcase of Holiday’s versatility that highlights the classics of trucking music and new anthems for the industry today.

The bluesy tone of Dave Dudley’s “Six Days on the Road” sets Holiday’s version apart from those that have come before. The title track remains a trucker favorite and Holiday brings to the song a few surprises to delight the listener.

At a time when the nation is facing economic turmoil and the future is uncertain, “God Bless America Once More” is an anthem to the greatness of our nation. As our courageous military continues to battle terrorism across the globe, it is a positive message of faith that is needed today.

From “More Money, Less Miles” to the 80’s pop-inspired ballad, “That’s Alright by Me”, Joey Holiday delivers trucking music gold with “Teddy Bear”. Order your copy today at


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