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President Bush – the Grinch Who Bailed Out the UAW

Well, fellow truckers, President Bush has just bailed out the union thugs in Detriot.

Yes, your hard earned tax money from making 35 cents per mile is going to make some union worker making $70 per hour very happy.

While we worry about whether or not there will be enough freight to support our families, your tax money will ensure that some union thug keeps his position in the auto industry.  The union workers can retire at 55 with a cushy pension while you, American trucker, are faced with the new year’s licensing fees, higher tolls and other taxation to take money away from your family, can rest easy knowing you are supporting the UAW while wondering if there will be a truck for you to drive next year.

Thanks, President Bush, for ensuring I get to drive this truck until the day I die.

Mark R. Taylor – Commander in Chief – ATAW


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  1. Name me ONE Independent trucker that EVER got bailed out of anything other than jail!!

    Comment by TexasFred | December 19, 2008 | Reply

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