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High-tech cargo gone with truck in Cape Coral

A tractor-trailer hauling $488,000 in computer equipment was stolen in Cape Coral after the driver stopped to rest, police said.

Authorities are continuing their search for the cargo and the large rig that disappeared the night of Jan. 1. The investigation is hampered by the fact a police report wasn’t filed until Wednesday.

Arenado Elias, owner of trucking solutions in Miami, said one of his drivers called him at 1 a.m. Jan. 2 to tell him that his older model $10,000 truck, hauling the computer equipment from Texas to Miami, had been stolen in Cape Coral.

“I was shocked,” Elias said.

He said the driver, Amaury Chinea, had driven to McAllen, Texas, to drop off a load of horticultural plants and picked up the computer equipment.  More HERE

Here is what concerns me..  According to the article:

To complicate the investigation, a report of the theft wasn’t filed with police until six days after the incident because Chinea, who doesn’t speak or write English, had to come back to Miami where Arenado said he helped him fill out the paperwork.

How did Chinea obtain a CDL and a trucking job driving in the US when FMCSA regs CLEARLY state a driver must read and understand English?  He couldn’t even fill out the necessary paperwork to report the theft.  Another question is this – why did it take him six days to check on his loaded truck?  Many truckers have to part their rigs away from home for various reasons, but if you have a loaded trailer, especially if it is high dollar cargo, you would check on it periodically, would you not?


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