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Cargo thefts shift into high gear

Few would pause to consider the contents of two orange aluminum tractor trailers rumbling along the 380-kilometre stretch of highway from Sudbury to Toronto. Inside, the six-metre long containers appeared to be lined with dirt.

But to the organized bandits who hijacked the truck in July, 2007, it was 40 tonnes of nickel sinter, a metal used in the making of such things as electrodes for fuel cells, and worth $2-million.

The truck driver was found bound and gagged in the back of a car in a commuter parking lot near Guelph. Police located the containers without a trace of powder and the tractor was burned out on the side of a road. The case remains unsolved.

Cargo thieves will take anything — a load of bubblegum, chicken beaks and feet, wedding dresses. Last weekend, someone stole a tractor trailer full of eggs from a Mississauga yard. The empty truck was recovered in Scarborough yesterday.  More HERE

What IS the street value of a truckload of chicken beaks????

On a more serious note, because this is such a serious subject, the trucking industry has changed dramatically over the years and the highways are a very dangerous place to work and live.  Not long ago, we posted an original piece, Firearms and Big Trucks – Myth Busted.  The above article only furthers my point – drivers in the US should be able to carry a legally owned and registered firearm for protection. 

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