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Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs amid falling sales

Starbucks is to close more stores, sell a newly delivered $45m corporate jet and cut headquarters staff and worker benefits as it battles a slump in sales that has tracked the broader collapse in global discretionary spending.

The coffee retailer said on Wednesday that it would shut 300 more “underperforming” locations – 100 of them outside the US – after a 9 per cent fall in comparable sales in the last three months of 2008. It announced a first wave of 600 US store closures last summer.  More HERE

Could part of the problem be that people just don’t want to pay $4 for cup of coffee?  Granted, Starbucks does have good coffee, but one can go to elsewhere and get a great cup for $1.50.  In fact, the Valero station nearby has great cappucino for 59 cents – if I have my own travel mug – and Pilot Travel Centers (aka truck stop) recently introduced a hazelnut blend that beats Starbucks any day.  I quit buying Starbucks when they jumped on the global warming hoax bandwagon a few years ago. …


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  1. Personally, Starbucks SUCKS… I am NOT paying those prices for a cup of nasty tasting CRAP that smells like it was BURNED, not roasted, when I can brew a great cup at home for pennies…

    Starbucks has 4 locations within 2 miles here, they tried to over-do their thing and they are paying the price..

    Too bad… They should have looked at the location, location, location thing long before this…

    Comment by TexasFred | January 29, 2009 | Reply

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