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Glenn Beck – The One Thing

We are on the fast track to socialism.  Glenn explains how the Socialist Agenda Package (aka the economic stimulus) does NOT do what Washington is claiming.  

Earth to Dennis Kucinich – it is NOT the government’s job to “create” jobs in a capitalist society.  Read your basic high school economics book…

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  1. Certainly our founding fathers never saw the role of government being to create jobs.

    Power, economic and political, is meant to begin with the individual. While some of what is in the current package is there with good intentions, much is also about running an agenda quietly in. If you ask people if we want to become socialist, those who understand would likely say “No” ( perhaps you need to remind them that the second S in USSR stood for socialist, most remember that they were the bad guys ).

    Comment by federalistblogs | January 31, 2009 | Reply

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