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Mexico: The Third War

By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart – from

Mexico has pretty much always been a rough-and-tumble place. In recent years, however, the security environment has deteriorated rapidly, and parts of the country have become incredibly violent. It is now common to see military weaponry such as fragmentation grenades and assault rifles used almost daily in attacks.

In fact, just last week we noted two separate strings of grenade attacks directed against police in Durango and Michoacan states. In the Michoacan incident, police in Uruapan and Lazaro Cardenas were targeted by three grenade attacks during a 12-hour period. Then on Feb. 17, a major firefight occurred just across the border from the United States in Reynosa, when Mexican authorities attempted to apprehend several armed men seen riding in a vehicle. The men fled to a nearby residence and engaged the pursuing police with gunfire, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). After the incident, in which five cartel gunmen were killed and several gunmen, cops, soldiers and civilians were wounded, authorities recovered a 60 mm mortar, five RPG rounds and two fragmentation grenades. Continue reading


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$463K in drugs seized in DeSoto

State transportation authorities have arrested a Texas trucker on drug charges after they seized more than 460 pounds of marijuana in his tractor trailer at a DeSoto County inspection site.

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, its enforcement officers spotted the tractor trailer pulling through the I-55 northbound inspection site around 8:30 a.m. today. The truck had two company names on it, prompting officers to stop the driver and inspect his paperwork.

An officer “become suspicious of the driver’s actions and answers to the officer’s questions,” MDOT’s statement said. The department said the officer then obtained permission from the driver to search the trailer.  More HERE

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