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McCain – Your Are Running Out of Time

By Mark R. Taylor

After watching tonight’s debate, I have to ask… Does John McCain want to be President of the United States?  Does he want to just hand the keys to the country over to a terrorist-sympathizing Marxist?


If I heard the words “I reached across the aisle” one more time, I think my brains would have oozed out of my ears.  If we wanted a Democrat, we would have voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries – not a good conservative like Fred Thompson.  Mike Huckabee did everything he could to sabotage Mitt Romney’s campaign, and Romney got his feelings hurt and just quit.  The party and the media pushed McCain – leaving many of us with no choice during the primaries.  By the time most of us had a chance to vote, McCain was the only one left on the ballot. 


Has he bit off more than he could chew?  McCain showed promise by bringing Governor Sarah Palin to the ticket, yet he is squandering every chance he has at winning the election.  McCain is going to be beaten by a pathological, narcissistic Communist “community organizer” with ties to domestic terrorism and Black Liberation Theology with no experience and no logical reasoning for his rise to power.


We have no choice – we must vote McCain in order to stop Obama and his minions from surrendering to Islamic radicals and spiraling our country down the road to Marxism.  At some point in the next couple of days, McCain will need to come out and defeat the enemy, not playing bipartisan games with the media and his Democrat friends.  He’s running out of time.  We are running out of time.

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Commander’s log – March 16, 2008

Would you continue to attend a church for twenty years, get married there and have your children baptized by the preacher if you didn’t agree with the teachings there?  Barack Hussein Obama, presidential wanna be, would have you believe he attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church but didn’t know what the man stood for and taught.  He must be one of those guys snoring in the back pew every Sunday. 

Did you know “Hussein” is now a racial slur?  No longer are you to use Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name when talking to or about Barack Hussein Obama.  John McCain made a fool out of himself, again, by recently apologizing after WLW radio host in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bill Cunningham, used “Barak Hussein Obama” when talking about Barack Hussein Obama.  “Hussein” – it’s this year’s “nappy headed ‘ho” of racial slurs. 

The numbers of bomb threat hoaxes are on the rise.  A sure sign someone is testing the system.  We’ve seen pipeline fires, tunnel fires and refinery fires.  Are they accidents or tests of our first responders?  The pipeline and refinery fires have definitely had an impact on fuel prices.  Didn’t Osama say he would do just this – attack our refineries and gas pipelines in order to destroy our economy?  The terrorists videos released have said exactly what they would do to destroy this country.  They have made many attempts and some were caught.  It’s not the ones that were caught that worry us – it’s the ones that aren’t.  We have had a three week black out on our surveillance of the “bad guys” as Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Democrat Congress went on vacation.  The enemy did not and what went on during this “blackout” we may never know until they release it on video.  

We have taxpayer money in Minnesota, the state that elected the first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison (D-MN), paying for a Muslim school – run by Imams and that shares the address with a Mosque.  Imagine if a taxpayer funded school was run by two Baptist preachers, sharing the address of the First Baptist Church…  The ACLU would be on that like white on rice.  On this, they are silent.  

We have battled Muslims refusing to sell bacon in Target stores, Muslim cab drivers refusing to transport American citizens with dogs or alcohol (which, by the way, is still legal in the United States) – both incidences taking place in Minnesota – imagine that.  We idly sit by as footbaths and prayer rooms are built in airports and Harvard considers closing it’s gym a few hours a day so Muslim women don’t have to exercise around men.  A community in St. Louis now has Muslim prayers piped over a tower loud speaker. 

There will come a time when every Christian will have to make a choice.  When American will have to make a choice.  Islam or death and it’s closer than you think…..

American Truckers at War – Commander MRTaylor
Chief communications officer – RTaylor  

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