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Rush’s First Televised Address to the Nation:

Rush Limbaugh gave the closing speech at CPAC this weekend.  Read the transcript and watch the video of this historic speech HERE!

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Exclusive: ‘Guilty’ – Ann Coulter ‘Confesses’ to FSM

Best-selling author Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their Assault on America, is burning up the charts. What’s the hype all about? FSM’s Renee Taylor recently caught up with Ann to find out.

Ann Coulter sits down with FSM’s Renee Taylor (yes, me) to talk about her latest best-seller, “Guilty: Liberal Victims and their Assault on America”! Read the exciting interview HERE

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Feb.5th


Tune in today to hear special guest Debra Argel who is a member of the
Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Debra lost her son in Iraq in
2005 and has been both help and is a helper of the SOWF

We talk about the mission and the programs offerred by SOWF to our
Military Troops and their Families…

You’ll also hear the latest from FOX and Israeli News letting you know
all the latest going on in the World around you…

Follow that up with the latest on the Global War on Terror from the
Dept. of Defense and our “Heroes Segment” where another brave
Military person is honored for service ‘above and beyond the call of

We have another Business News segment letting you know how the
Business sector and Stock Market is reacting to our most recent
economical news…

We finish up with ‘The Captain’ talking about the current status of
the Economic Stimulous Package now in the U.S. Senate and what will
‘probably’ happen to it so it gains passage in the Senate. One thing
IS for sure, there WILL be an Economic Stimulous Package PASSED by the
Congress and signed by Pres. Barack Obama BEFORE the end of the Month
of February. The only question is, “how much PORK will be cut out of

God Bless America and ALL those who defend, protect and serve her
keeping all of us free and safe…

‘The Captain’


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Money? What Money?

By Alan Burkhart

I’ve been reading this morning that frugal Americans are hurting the economic recovery efforts by saving our money instead of spending it. Last time I checked, Americans were holding the line on spending because we don’t have nearly as much (if any) discretionary spending ability as before. Money is tight and times are hard.

What are we supposed to do? Shall I take the cash I’m holding for my next house payment and buy a new Nintendo? Shall I skip the water bill in favor of a couple of 12-packs of Miller Lite?

Here’s an idea: If the government and the various economic “experts” around the country think I need to go blow some money on consumer goods, then take that so-called stimulus money – from $800 to $900 billion depending on who you listen to – and send us all a nice tidy check. That’d get things rolling again a lot faster than spending $150 million on honeybee insurance or $650 million on government employees’ cars or $650 million for TV converter boxes.

According to what I’ve seen, just slightly over ten percent of the stimulus plan would actually have the potential of boosting the economy. The rest is nothing more than pet projects and pork. Is this the fiscal responsibility promised by Barack Obama? Is this the Change We Can Believe In? I was under the impression that Barack Obama was against wasteful spending and huge government debt. Oh, wait… I heard that in a campaign speech. I keep forgetting that campaign promises don’t count after the election. You’d think that after all these years I would know better.  More HERE

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Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama to Radical Saul Alinsky

Rush tells it like it is about Obama, Alinsky and the Socialist Agenda (aka Economic Simulus) Bill…..

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“The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio Show Podcast


Today’s guest is Frank Salvato, Managing Editor of the New Media Journal, and he starts out talking about Democratic ‘friends’ like ACORN who could be getting millions of dollars with the new $825 trillion spending plan…

You’ll hear hear the latest on IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment
trial in the IL Senate and how that relates to what happens next in

There’s Homeland Security and Iraq news straight from the Multi
National Forces in Iraq, more good news not being reported by our
Liberal mainstream media…

Toss in some News about Hamas and Israel and what’s going on in the
Arthur Nadel Fraud case in Sarasota. Nadel turned himself in today at
the FBI Office in Tampa, FL…

Of course we have the very latest from the DOD and we have our latest
Heroes segment…

God Bless America and all those who defend, protect and serve her
keeping all of us FREE & SAFE…

‘The Captain’


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ATAW Exclusive: Firearms and Big Trucks – Myth…. Busted


By Renee E. Taylor


What is your life worth?


Trucker A is resting in the sleeper of his truck.  He is awakened by the sound of a thief breaking into the truck, intent on stealing truck and cargo.  The assailant enters the truck and upon seeing Trucker A, pulls a weapon with intent to kill.  Trucker A is unarmed.  The assailant kills Trucker A, steals truck and cargo.  The cost is the driver’s life, the company’s stolen truck and trailer and tens of thousands of dollars of cargo.  Trucker A’s family loses a husband and father.


Trucker B is resting in the sleeper of his truck.  He is awakened by the sound of a thief breaking into the truck, intent on stealing truck and cargo.  The assailant enters the truck and upon seeing Trucker B, pulls a weapon with intent to kill.  Trucker B, having heard the assailant’s successful attempt to break into the truck, is ready.  When the assailant turns to the sleeper, pointing his weapon at Trucker B while threatening to kill Trucker B, is face to face with Trucker B’s legally owned firearm.  Trucker B shoots  the assailant.  Truck, trailer and cargo are safe, Trucker B is fired by his company, but lives to work another day.  The assailant will not live to steal another truck.


It is a common misconception within the trucking industry that it is against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Rules and Regulations for a driver, who carries a concealed carry permit from his or her home state, to carry a legally owned weapon in his or her truck.  This is simply not true.  After studying the regulations, I called the FMCSA to confirm or bust this myth within the industry.  According to the FMCSA, there is no rule denying the trucker the right to carry his or her legally owned and obtained firearm in the truck.


Trucking companies have different stories to tell their drivers and potential recruits with regard to firearms in the truck.  A former trucker, I called several companies to see exactly what they tell their potential recruits when asked the question:  As a concealed carry permit holder, can I carry my firearm for protection as a driver for your company?  Their answers ranged from uninformed (Melton) to very honest (Schneider National).


When speaking to a recruiter from Melton, I was told that it was definitely in the FMCSA regulations that I could not carry my firearm in their truck as a company employee.  The recruiter, who identified herself as “Leslie” was very polite, stating she had verified this with their safety director, although neither could say exactly WHERE in the regulations firearms were prohibited.


Schneider National’s recruiter explained their company policy against carry firearms in the truck this way – it is a company policy due to the fact that each state and many cities have differing (and often insane) laws regarding firearms.  Therefore, there is company policy prohibiting their drivers from having a firearm in his or her truck.  Some states do not recognize concealed carry permits from others, etc.  At least Schneider was truthful in that it is their company policy, not the FMCSA’s rules that prohibit the driver from carrying a firearm in the truck.


FLT, who had an ad in our local paper for drivers to haul munitions, simply stated that it was company policy that drivers could not carry a firearm for protection.


There is another aspect to the above scenarios described in the beginning of this article.  The driver, truck, trailer and cargo are expendable rather than face a lawsuit by the family of the criminal who was shot in the commission of the theft.  Insurance carriers for each individual company may or may not have a provision with regard to the issue.  Insurance companies will pay for the truck, trailer and cargo, as well as a pittance to the driver’s wife.  It costs nothing to the company if their truck, trailer and cargo are stolen, they already pay the monthly insurance premium.  It destroys the life of the trucker’s family when he is murdered in the commission of the theft.  It is cheaper to lose a driver than face a lawsuit.


When my husband and I owned our trucking company several years ago, we were armed with both our weapons (both are concealed carry permit holders) and The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws in the Fifty States.  As company owners, we made the decision that our lives and our equipment were not expendable.  Those who hold concealed carry permits are trained in firearm use, laws and safety and are, as a whole, law abiding citizens.  The criminal who attempts to steal your truck and threaten your life is not. 


The FMCSA does not prohibit you from carrying your weapon in your truck for protection, regardless what your recruiter or safety director attempts to tell you.  Firearms in trucks may be prohibited by the company or by their insurance, but not by the FMCSA.   This is a myth…. busted.


As life on the road becomes increasingly dangerous, how you will protect yourself on the road is a question not to be taken lightly.  With the many forms of self protection available, it could be life saving to choose what is best for you. Educate yourself by listening to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk on XM Radio Channel 166 on Sunday nights. Join the NRA and take advantage of their education programs and informative publications.  Then ask yourself two questions: “what is your life worth?” and “can you get another job?”

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Exclusive: Book Review: ‘Sarah Takes on Big Oil’

When Alaska Governor Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene during the 2008 Presidential election as Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate, she captured the attention and imaginations of voters across the country. With her confidence and positive message for America, Gov. Palin breathed a breath of fresh air into the American political scene that left admirers and foes alike clamoring to know more. Even after the last vote was counted and the Palin family plane landed back home in Alaska, the fascination and desire for everything “Sarah” continues on.

It was the battle the feisty governor inherited from her predecessor and “Big Oil,” primarily BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil that gave Petroleum News publisher and editor, Kay Cashman, the inspiration to write Sarah Takes on Big Oil. “I was researching for another project,” Cashman recently told, but found the new governor to be a reformer, a straight arrow, whose story compelled Cashman to change her course.

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Exclusive: Refuse to be a Victim this Christmas Season

The Christmas season is upon us and soon I will join in the festivities by making the annual gift shopping trek to Little Rock to peruse the glittery, enticing fare from my favorite stores. Bright Christmas trees and assorted decorations will adorn the malls, restaurants and streets as my mother-in-law and I weave through the crowds, sipping our cappuccinos in search of that perfect “something.”  

It is not only which restaurant we will treat ourselves to or who has the best sale on this or that, but our “safety plan” that is at the top of our “to do” list and should be part of yours. How can you protect yourself and your family – refusing to be a victim to unscrupulous thugs and criminals?  Much of it is common sense, yet is worth reminding our readers.  Full article HERE

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We Stink

J. D. Pendry

According to Democrat Senator Harry Reid we are little more than putrid peasants. On opening the new Capitol Visitor’s Center, the Senator was most grateful that he would no longer have to smell the Americans who wished to visit the palatial digs they paid for with their blood and tax dollars. Sadly, I fear Senator Reid is not alone in his aristocratic view of the peasantry.

Yes Senator Reid there is a stench emanating from Washington. I suggest that to locate the source of it, you begin searching in increasingly larger concentric circles around your own little piece of the Capitol building. The peasantry will have to tolerate Harry Reid et al as long as the people keep sending them back to Washington. Harry Reid is an insignificant man who, if history remembers him at all, will recall that he declared a victory in Iraq as a lost war and went on to lead the most ineffective and least popular Congress our nation has ever known.  More HERE

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