Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Exclusive: Common Sense or Frog’s Leg Pie?

With the new administration nearly running out of ink signing this bizarre executive order and that outside-the-mainstream executive order, I have concluded that what is missing in President Obama’s program is good, middle-American common sense.

It is not surprising that a career politician – whose professional claim to fame is “community organizer,” which is nothing more than a dressed-up label for a Left-wing activist who seeks to revolt – has an agenda that defies such sensibility. As a mom concerned about her child’s future, a wife concerned about her husband’s job and a daughter of a legal immigrant who struggled, working two jobs, to raise five children without government assistance, I have a few suggestions for the new president. None of these will guarantee me a high ranking political appointment but they might bring this man back down to earth as we know it, here in the United States.   Read the rest of my latest article on FamilySecurityMatters HERE

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Exclusive: Indoctrination in Public Schools Leads to Rise in Home Schooling

It’s that time of year again as parents scramble to pick up the necessary supplies to send with their children as they are bussed off to the public school (I call them government indoctrination centers) across town. Unlike years ago, when our parents sent us to school with a notebook for each class, a couple of pencils and our lunch money, today’s child will lug clear or mesh backpacks filled with such necessities as liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, boxes of baby wipes and, in the case of Hermitage Elementary School in Hermitage, Arkansas, their first graders will supply two rolls of paper towels and a 50 count pack of clear sheet protectors each. 
The lists this year at our local schools here in Arkansas for each student include a wide variety of products necessary for your child to complete his or her school work. I have not quite understood the need for a kindergarten boy to provide a box of gallon Ziploc bags or a kindergarten girl to provide a box of pint sized Ziploc bags (brand names only, please) or a second grade boy to provide a package of construction paper while second grade girls provide a pack of white computer paper. Then again, in my “old fashioned” view of preparing for school, I cannot fathom why each first grade child must provide a package of red ink pens. Perhaps we parents are supplying the school system with supplies for all – communal property to be used by those who supply and those who do not (aka Communism/Marxism)? Eastside Elementary School in Warren, Arkansas, has the issue under control. For a fee of $17, their third graders will be provided with a “packet of supplies” from the school store, obviously to ensure each child’s supplies are identical. We cannot have one child with a blue pencil while another child has a boring, cheaper yellow one, now can we? The directive has been given, right down to what color notebook your child can own.  More from

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Hybrids killing the earth instead of helping it

By Lee Taylor

Algore is saying hybrid cars will help the environment

He is wrong. SUVs produce co2. Co2 is a gas that trees need to live, If trees died we would die, because trees put out oxygen that we breathe. If trees died the world would die, too.

(For Father’s Day, our nine year old son Lee  has submitted today’s commentary on global warming.  His theory, his words….)

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Home Schooling – It’s Not Just for Christians Anymore

By:  Renee E. Taylor


As a home schooling mom, I welcome any and all into the fold who realize that the government- run education system is a dismal failure that is not turning out the “best and the brightest,” but rather global warming-embracing, would-be Socialists with little in the way of math, reading and communication skills. The news this week has been saturated with stories of teenagers committing various acts of violence against fellow students and even a bus driver. Third graders plotted to kill their teacher. 


Jesus was expelled from the school system long ago, yet while the United States is at war with radical Islam, Allah was welcome with open arms.  More from Family Security Matters

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Twilight’s Last Gleaming

The following was written by Rick Biesada, American trucker and author of “Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On”.  Used with permission 

This new brand of political leader is a modern day con man. Gamesters replacing the old time snake oil salesman, and three card Monte dealers. Games men, not of the people, by the people, but for the never ending quest of gamesmanship; to extract our money “legally” but not offensively, to endanger their being, so they can tax over and over again.

Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode In On –
Rick Biesada

When news of the collapse of the Soviet union came, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt relief for the security of our country.

Now, I’m not surprised that the United States is on it’s way to extinction, we’ve had every indication about it’s demise telegraphed to us with every covert, and overt act of usurpation, and subversion of our rights. Continue reading

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California: Giving Home-Schoolers the Shaft

Tom McLaughlin

Family Security Matters


Teachers’ unions are pro-choice on abortion, but not on education. They use their enormous political capital with the Democrat Party to block voucher initiatives in whatever state or municipality proposes them, including in California. Consequently, many parents home-school their children at their own expense, even though they still have to pay local property taxes which are spent mostly on public schools their children do not attend. Right now, about 166,000 California children are taught at home. But last week, an California appeals court declared that all children must be taught by a “credentialed” teacher. It means that most home-schooling parents without teaching credentials would be violating California law and subject to prosecution. This is going to touch off a political conflagration.


The teachers’ unions love it. “We’re happy,” said Lloyd Porter, who is on the California Teachers Association board of directors, to the San Francisco Chronicle. “We always think students should be taught by credentialed teachers, no matter what the setting.” A.J. Duffy, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, said he agrees with the ruling. “What’s best for a child is to be taught by a credentialed teacher,” he told the Los Angeles Times.  More from Family Security Matters

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California Schools: Sliding Down the Slope to Indoctrination?

Renee E. Taylor

During World War II, my mother, at the time in elementary school, was sent to boarding school in Czechoslovakia when it became too dangerous to live in Vienna.  In class one day, the teacher asked “Whom do you hate the most?”  My mom raised her hand, planning to say “Hitler”.  Mom wasn’t called on, but a good friend of hers was.  The other little girl said “Hitler”; my mother never saw that little girl again, although Mom kept her friend’s photo with her until she died a couple of years ago.

No one in America would believe that this could happen here; but if it happened in Europe, we would be naïve to think it impossible.  What concerns me is that I see the slippery slope of indoctrination not only beginning, but continuing, in the American school system – the same slope that so many slid down to rock bottom in Europe – and I will therefore fight to the death my right to home school.  More from Family Security Matters

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